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 Bradford, Louisa V

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Louisa V. Bradford
District Seven
District Seven
Louisa V. Bradford

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PostSubject: Bradford, Louisa V   Bradford, Louisa V EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 12:42 am

Bradford, Louisa V Fadc4f68-1e0a-48c1-b128-b250cf2edc09_zpsb282301c

O N E ! What's your name? Louisa Vera Bradley- Lousia was my grandmother’s name and Vera is my aunt’s name
T W O ! How old are you? I am sixteen, but I will turn seventeen soon.
F O U R ! Describe yourself in five words. smart, sarcastic, funny, resourceful, energetic
F I V E ! Out of those five words, choose one that describes you the best. smart
S I X ! Who do you like? guys
S E V E N ! Do you consider yourself rebellious? not really no
E I G H T ! If you or a friend were to be Reaped in the Hunger Games, what would you do? I would cry, simple. I don’t think I would volunteer if I am being 100% honest, but I wouldn’t want them to take my place either because its better me than them and we have talked and that is a pretty mutual feeling in my group. If it was my little sister, then yes I would volunteer because she is fourteen.

N I N E ! What are your goals? I want to own my own logging business, have my own sets of axes, step out of my brother’s shadow- he is sort of the big guy at school.
T E N ! What are your hobbies? I love walking through the woods, chopping wood with my dad, hunting the bears that are within the confines of the district, going to school, walking around the town with my friends. I mean I sing, I guess, but that is just a hobby. Just normal stuff.

E L E V E N ! Name all of your past and present household family members, names, and ages.

The Bradford family lives in a log cabin in the woods. Overall they are not the wealthiest of the people in their district, but they are not completely broke. They would probably be considered to be middle class.

M O T H E R ! Bridgette Bradford. 45
F A T H E R ! Axel Bradford. 47
B R O T H E R ! Lumbar Bradford. 19
S I S T E R !Elizabeth Bradford . 14

W H A T  A R E  Y O U   L I K E ? I am very normal. I don’t think there is another way to put it. I am not overly popular at my school. I study hard at all of my subjects and I tend to be pretty resourceful in completing homework and working. I love my brother and sister dearly and my friends are really great people. I am pretty smart. I typically hole up in our cabin and read in the winter because well, it is very cold. I love nature and I will often walk through the woods and feel the wind through my hair. I guess a lot of district seven kids are nature-y. I mean my dad owns a firewood and log home construction business and that is how our family makes our money. I enjoy helping out because I hate feeling like I am sort of a freeloader. I like to earn my keep and to me making money at any age is respectable and helpful to your family members. I always try my hardest and work extra hard for my parents. My friends find me to be kind, generous, and loyal. We are all very close and frankly I would never want them to endanger themselves for me. I would not be able to live with myself if they died in that pursuit. I am a bit of a romantic and always see beauty in everything. Except, that is, for the Games. There is nothing good about watching people I know die every year.
L I K E S ! Name five things you like. Nature, chopping wood (stress reliever), Friday nights with my friends, Syrup- I mean it is something pretty unique to seven and will always be associated with family meals for me, family dinners, and watching the clouds on a sunny day.
D I S L I K E S ! Name five things you dislike. rain, I know it is vital to nature, but it just makes it so we have to stay inside, the Hunger Games- every year someone loses someone they love and that breaks my heart, math, people who are rude or arrogant, heights, the capitol’s fashion sense. I mean really, when the official from the capitol comes every year, I have to restrain myself from laughing. It is positively ridiculous. Anything in excess, a simple existence is better.
F E A R S ! Name two things you're afraid of. Seeing a bear without my hunting equipment, and being reaped. Both of these things would have a, more than likely, similar outcome.

T W E L V E ![/i]
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Vincent C. Ferdinand
Vincent C. Ferdinand

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PostSubject: Re: Bradford, Louisa V   Bradford, Louisa V EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 12:52 am


Hello! Welcome to Safe & Sound! We are happy to say that we love your application, and your character has been accepted! You may now do your Claims, and begin roleplaying! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any staff member of the site.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour,

The Safe & Sound Staff Team
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Bradford, Louisa V
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