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 40th Annual Hunger Games Reaping [open]

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James S. Pierce
District Seven
District Seven
James S. Pierce

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PostSubject: 40th Annual Hunger Games Reaping [open]   Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:22 pm

The year is 40 ADD. Fifteen years after the 25th Hunger Games. The Districts of Panem have rebelled again, and District Twelve has been destroyed, along with the people with it. As the remaining 11 are getting everything back in order, the Capitol has announced that there will now be 4 Hunger Games per year, one per each season. This means that 4 times the deaths, 4 times the goodbyes, and 4 times the Victors. Today is the reaping. Will you be reaped?
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40th Annual Hunger Games Reaping [open]
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