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 The Arena Rules

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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

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The Arena Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Arena Rules   The Arena Rules EmptyTue Dec 31, 2013 3:53 pm


Hello! Assuming that your Tribute survived the Bloodbath, congratulations! If not, please be sure to make your death post, and thank you for participating! Once the Bloodbath is complete, you all know what comes now: The Arena. Now, because this is a Quell, it is explained in the Quell Post that this year the Tributes must stay on their designated side of the Arena, where they started. This is to prevent any contact with their District Partner. If your Tribute does this, an Admin will post saying what will happen to the Tribute as a warning, and that they need to move further on their side! The only place when they are safe to be by their partner is in the Bloodbath, and in the Feast that may or may not happen, that is it. This Quell was designed to see who can be the strongeset in all situations and settings. Note that the Tributes didn't know this until the Games began. If you have questions, post them in replies here, and a staff member will answer them the best they can.

We just have a few rules that are General for every Games that we have, as well...

ONE. POSTING All Tributes that made it out of the Bloodbath will have 48 hours to post a thread, or enter any thread with other Tributes, or the Admins will set up one for them. If a Tribute fails to enter, create, or reply to the set-up thread at the set time, they will die at the Arena's hand.

Also know that anyone can enter your thread that is on your side of the Arena.

TWO. TRAVELING Because of this specific Quell, there won't be much traveling except on your side, or when your District Partner dies, then you can move to whatever side you want over the course of one day in the Arena.


I'm the D8 boy, my District Partner (the D8 Girl) dies. I can't jump from North to South in five minutes, when the day (in character) isn't over yet. However, I can have a travel thread, in the east or west part of the Arena, saying how I got there. When the next day starts, I can then say that I made it to the Southern side.

THREE. REALISM Okay. Time for the real stuff.

First and foremost, don't act as if your Tribute is like the smartest person in the world. They don't know mostly anything about this specific Arena itself unless the Arena thread says so.

Secondly, they don't have magical powers, and can't make their own water. Some parts of the Arena don't have resources of water, and the Tributes there must get water from Sponsors.

FOUR. FIGHTING Okay so here's what everyone was waiting for. Fights. Please don't act as if your Tribute won't fight anyone, and is waiting for all the other Tributes to kill each other off, then they win. No. I guarantee your Tribute will have to fight, unless if they are one of the last two, some miracle happens and their opponent gets killed by the Arena.

Also, be realistic about fighting, don't try to dodge every single thing, if you dodge, you will lose 5 HP each time, let your Tribute take some hits, because at the end of the day, everyone included in the fight, this means the winner too, will lose HP at the end.

Remember if you run from a fight (flee), then you will lose HP!

Whenever posting to do the following actions, you must use the given code!

[center]<font size=18>[color=red][font=Josefin Sans]FIGHTING[/font][/color]</font>
[Insert Tribute First & Last Here] IS FIGHTING [Insert Opponent First & Last Here] WITH A [Insert Weapon Name Here][/center]

[center]<font size=18>[color=red][font=Josefin Sans]ENDING A FIGHT[/font][/color]</font>
[Insert Tribute First & Last Here] IS ENDING A FIGHT WITH [Insert Opponent First & Last Here] WITH A [Insert Weapon Name Here][/center]

[center]<font size=18>[color=orange][font=Josefin Sans]FLEEING[/font][/color]</font>
[Insert Tribute First & Last Here] IS FLEEING FROM A FIGHT WITH [Insert Opponent First & Last Here][/center]

FIVE. DEATHS Please know that there are five other Tributes on your side, and you will have to fight, and some of you will have to die at some point. If you know that it is a fatal hit, like a stab to the heart or in the neck or something or the head, please don't act like your Tribute is like just so undefeatable and they are just immune to pain, and death. If it is obvious that your Tribute should die from this, especially if you have low HP, please just take your death, which will be confirmed by the staff first, and be a good sport. There can only be one winner, and you can try again next time. If you're not sure about a death, PM a staff member.

Each day the Tributes will receive a Death Quota, a number of deaths that should happen each day. The Tributes should reach that number or go over it, or else the next day, the Arena will be after them, and Tributes chosen at random will die at the hands of the Arena.

SIX. THE DAYS Each day will last about 7-10 days. Tributes are required to be active and post at least 4-5 times each day, in order to stay alive. Let's give you an example.

Okay, so let's say that.. 6 Tribute's died in the bloodbath, and 18 of you are left.

We can't have 12 of you posting, and 6 of you not. That makes the Games unfair, because you and the people on your side could be fighting, and could die or do something else that day, and plus we need to keep the ideas flowing for the Arena.

SEVEN. THINGS NOT TO DO Okay, we've told you most of the basics, please don't do things like this in the Arena:

+Pull stunts like Katniss & Peeta
+Pull stunts like blowing up the Arena
+Do crazy things like eating each other
+Sexual intercourse (yes I went there)

If you do these, you will be killed. Sorry, it's just not realistic, and yeah.. just. No.

Thanks, and may the odds be ever in your favour!
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The Arena Rules
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