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 Taylor H Moonbeam

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Taylor H. Moonbeam
Taylor H. Moonbeam

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PostSubject: Taylor H Moonbeam   Taylor H Moonbeam EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 1:46 am

Taylor H Moonbeam Ts_zpsf0d350af
Taylor Hart Moonbeam
22 . admin . Shhh it's secret .  Taylor Swift

O N E ! What's your name? My name is Taylor Moonbeam
T W O ! How old are you? I am 22 years old
F O U R ! Describe yourself in five words.Kind, rebellious, Honest and observant
F I V E ! Out of those five words, choose one that describes you the best. Honest or Observant
S I X ! Who do you like? I am a lady.
S E V E N ! Do you consider yourself rebellious? Yes I do.
E I G H T ! If you or a friend were to be Reaped in the Hunger Games, what would you do? I would take their place if i could and if not I would try my hardest to save them another way.

N I N E ! What are your goals? My goals involve doing my job the best I can do. To live a satisfying life and to maybe have a family.
T E N ! What are your hobbies? I enjoy cooking, painting and people watching.

E L E V E N ! Name all of your past and present household family members, names, and ages. Mother and Father.

*If member has like 8+ Family members, no need to name all of them, "Brother" or "Sister" or "Cousin" is just fine. Same for ages, just put "Age". Also, delete this side note in the "*"s!*

M O T H E R ! Amy-Lynn . 57
F A T H E R ! Jessie . 63
B R O T H E R ! n/a
S I S T E R ! n/a

*Feel free to add more! In the " i " tag, replace with the family member's relation to the character! Also delete this side note in the "*"s!*

W H A T  A R E  Y O U   L I K E ? I am very mysterious but once you get to know me, if you make it that far I am very loyal and will die for a friend of family member
L I K E S ! Name five things you like. I like adventures, being around people I know. Cooking and painting and being out doors
D I S L I K E S ! Name five things you dislike. I dislike loud people, being pushed to do things I don't want to. Catching food on fire and when it rains.
F E A R S ! Name two things you're afraid of. I fear loosing my friends and I can't help them and I fear dying alone.

T W E L V E ! Anything else you want us to know? [/i]
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Vincent C. Ferdinand
Vincent C. Ferdinand

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PostSubject: Re: Taylor H Moonbeam   Taylor H Moonbeam EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 2:06 am


Hello! Welcome to Safe & Sound! We are happy to say that we love your application, and your character has been accepted! You may now do your Claims, and begin roleplaying! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any staff member of the site.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour,

The Safe & Sound Staff Team
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Taylor H Moonbeam
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