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 Food & Water

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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

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PostSubject: Food & Water   Food & Water EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 4:37 pm


Each Tribute must eat each day in order to survive. 4 Days without food or 3 Days in the arena without water could mean death by Starvation or Dehydration for Tributes. Please pay attention to this thread for it is very important and could ultimately mean life or death for your Tribute.

+Every bottle of water in the Games that the Tributes receive is enough water to last them for 1 day in the Arena. Drink lots of water!
+Fruit has water!


+No water for 1 day = -19 HP
+No food for 1 day = -15 HP

You may get water by finding it in places, or having a friend send your Tribute some!
Food can be found in certain parts of the Arena..

Birds = +8 HP
Turkey = +25 HP per 4 Tributes.
Bear = +30 HP per 4 Tributes

To let us know where and when your tribute ate or drink, please use this and reply below:

[b]TRIBUTE NAME[/b] fill in fields outside the code like this please.

We will reply to your thread telling if your Tribute has gained any HP or lost due to Eating or Drinking and vice versa. Tribute owners can see their Likeliness of Death in the Tribute List.
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Food & Water
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