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 FAQ: The Hunger Games Account

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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

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FAQ: The Hunger Games Account Empty
PostSubject: FAQ: The Hunger Games Account   FAQ: The Hunger Games Account EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 1:09 am


Hello! This thread is just to explain the account named 'The Hunger Games' and it's purpose! So basically, we made this account for a few reasons:

+Archiving: Once the Hunger Games is over, we may need some posts, and if all of us admins use 3 different accounts, it'll be hard to find them because we may be posting elsewhere as well like roleplay.
+Organization: Again, we want to make sure all of our things are in one place where we can find them.
+Fun: You like the Hunger Games right? Very Happy

This account will be replying to threads with information about whats going on, what day it is, what Tributes are dead, etc.
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FAQ: The Hunger Games Account
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