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 Hunger Games & Taylor!

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Vincent C. Ferdinand

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PostSubject: Hunger Games & Taylor!   Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:48 pm

Hello Everyone! We've had a great opening, we got a couple of members, but we need more! Please tell all of your roleplaying friends to check us out! Many guests popped in but didn't join! So anyways, welcome Taylor to the staff team! She's an Admin like me and Evelyn. We just wanted to tell you all that she'll be working alongside us, so love her and have fun! Very Happy

We are in the process of deciding when the Games will begin, and have decided that our first Hunger Games will consist of all NPC Tributes. I know this may disappoint some people, but we have good reasons why!

+TESTING First and foremost, we need to test our system that is in the works of becoming wonderful for you! We don't want any flaws in it when your real characters get into the Games!
+CHARACTER SAVING Yes! We don't want to kill your characters off so early. Why? Because we love them of course! We want to make sure that the system is perfect for them so there wont be a lot of mishaps during the real Games.
+PREPARATION Us as an administration team need to know how it feels to actually run a Hunger Games efficiently and properly. Therefore we need training, and this is what it's for!

Please don't be discouraged, and also this means that if your reapable character is 18 now, they won't ever be in the Games because next year they'll be 19! Keep this in mind when making your reapables!

We also still need ideas on District & Capitol Roleplay Forums. PM any of us with your suggestions, and we'll be sure to chat about them and such to add them on!

May the odds be ever in your favour,

S&S Staff
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Hunger Games & Taylor!
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