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 Love, Naomi L.

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Naomi L. Love
District Eleven
District Eleven
Naomi L. Love

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Love, Naomi L. Empty
PostSubject: Love, Naomi L.   Love, Naomi L. EmptyThu Dec 26, 2013 11:03 pm

Love, Naomi L. Sas20157

O N E ! What's your name? Naomi Lexis Love
T W O ! How old are you? 18
F O U R ! Describe yourself in five words. Strong, Confident, Unmoved, Persistent, Smart
F I V E ! Out of those five words, choose one that describes you the best. Strong
S I X ! Who do you like? Males
S E V E N ! Do you consider yourself rebellious? No
E I G H T ! If you or a friend were to be Reaped in the Hunger Games, what would you do? I would volunteer if I could, but I don't think I can. I'm a Victor.

N I N E ! What are your goals? To provide for my District
T E N ! What are your hobbies? Running, Reading, Writing

E L E V E N ! Name all of your past and present household family members, names, and ages.

M O T H E R ! Prista Love . 42
F A T H E R ! Brandon Love . 45
B R O T H E R ! Brandon Love II . 15
S I S T E R ! Lea Love . 16

W H A T  A R E  Y O U   L I K E ?
L I K E S ! Name five things you like. Romance, Love, Happiness, Helping, Parties
D I S L I K E S ! Name five things you dislike. Wasting Time, Disrespectful People, Ignorance, Annoyances, Bullies
F E A R S ! Name two things you're afraid of. One of by brother or sisters being reaped, family members dying.

T W E L V E !


I woke up, and it was a nice day outside. But my thoughts where going crazy. I knew that today was the Reaping. I was only sixteen, and my name was going in 30 times today, because I was claiming tesserae and had been for a while. Because I wanted my brother and sisters to eat, my mom and dad had themselves covered. I took a leap of faith and added my name in 30 times. I wasn't worried though, some kids older than me had 60, so my mind was off the idea that I was going to be reaped.

Before me, Brandon, and Lea walked out of the door, my mother kissed each of us. She was right behind us, but she said she had to do something with her hair first. They were older now. I didn't need to hold their hands. But being the oldest of three was hard. Their names were only in the regular amount of times, because I didn't make them claim any tesserae, and I'm sure they didn't.

We all checked in and went to our designated spots, and then a woman with bright blue hair and a big bow on top walked onto the stage. "Hello! Hello! Welcome to the Reaping for the 23rd Annual Hunger Games!" Then a video showed about the past of Panem, and all that bull. Then it was what everyone was waiting for. The reapings. "First, the girls." she said. I stood there looking her dead in the eyes, and then "Naomi Lexis Love" she said. At first, I didn't even know she had said my name, but then everyone looked at me. "Come on up sweetie." she commanded. I passed my brother and sister, and Lea was crying, Brandon had a straight face. He had always been strong. After they called the boys name, I got a chance to say goodbye to my weeping mother, father, and sister, and my brother, who wasn't crying at all. "You're going to win." he said


 After the travel, which was empty because we had no mentor, just the escort. She explained to us how we would be staying in a luxurious suite, and blah blah blah.. But I wasn't paying attention. I still couldn't process the fact that it was me. It was really me. "Are you okay?" the boy asked. He had to be a couple of years older than me, I knew his face, not his name. "I'm fine, thank you." I said.

We finally had made it to the Training. This part I was excited about. The night before was just reruns of the Games that no one from our District had ever won, and how wonderful District One was.

I made my way over to the puzzle station. I couldn't figure it out. But that's the point right? There were no directions or anything. But then again, there are never directions in the real Games, so why get us happy here?

For my Gamemaker Session, I threw knives at a silhouette board. It wasn't anything special, I got one in the head, one in the arm, and one in the eye. The way these Careers are, they could take all of that and still be alive if they wanted. Usually, the Careers will kill people from my District in the Bloodbath with a neck snap, so my goal is to make it out. I got an Eight.


Since we had no mentor, I was left with myself in a room. Then "30 seconds." I heard a voice say. I figured that there was only one way out, through a tube that stared me in the face. With nothing else to do I walked inside slowly, and as soon as my full body was in, the glass door slid close automatically. Not long after that, the tube rose me into the Arena.

Looking out, above me there is something like a sun. I put my head at level, and see the golden horn. I look around, and there are what it seems to be the ruins of a town. And we're in.. the Town Square. Then I knew. This was District Thirteen. The countdown ended and I sprung off of my plate, and ran towards the Cornucopia.

Then I heard something whisping my way when I was half way there, and I ducked. I looked over my shoulder, and the girl from four had shot an arrow at me. How'd she get that weapon so quickly? The concrete I knew had to be hard, so I made sure of it that I didn't fall and kill myself by busting my head open. I had finally made it to the Cornucopia, and mostly all the good things were gone. But I saw this thing that looked almost straw-like. Attached to it was a small bag. I didn't know what it was, but I had to go quick because I needed to get away. On my way out, I saw a waterbottle which I knew was most likely empty and picked it up. At this point I wasn't worried about the boy from my District, we never really talked except that one time before we made it to the Capitol. I couldn't see him before the gong anyways, so it wasn't my fault, and I wasn't going to go looking for him either.

I ran towards what looked like a stripmall type of thing, and ran into the nearest store. Once I entered, there was nothing. Empty. Except a small desk. I hid behind it, hoping no one would find me. Then I saw a small office, and I peeked up from behind the desk, and I saw someone coming from outside. It wasn't a career, but that didn't mean anything. I rushed to open up the bag, and saw what appeared to be darts. "Poison dart blower?" I asked. The good thing about this weapon was that it wasn't really something someone could take from you unless you're dead. It's easily hidden, like in my pants or shoe or something, up my sleeve, and it becomes invisible. The darts came with a belt. I assembled it, and put it around my waist, under the jacket I had to put on before coming here. Then someone came into the store. I stood up automatically, and recognized the girl from six. She was about my age, red hair, bright blue eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you." she said frantically. It was obvious that she was scared, but I wasn't really taking chances. Then again, an ally is good, I have one small weapon. "What'd you get?" I asked. She ran over to me, and we both stooped down behind the desk. She pulled a backpack from off of her, and landed it in my lap. I began to open it and I saw rope, a pack of matches, a mini-first aid kit, and a pistol with at least a 100 bullet belt. My eyes widened. "How'd you get this gun and belt set?" I was curious. "Someone had it and I was by them, then they got an axe thrown at the back of their head. I took my chances. I already had the bookbag." "Well, we are just going to have to stick together then. This' what I have. I showed her the empty waterbottle as well as the poison darts. "We need to drink and eat." she said. I crawled over to the door, and opened it slowly. Inside was a desk, with papers on it. They were blank. Across from the desk was a fireplace. "We can use this to purify the water when we get it." I said. By then she was by my side, and "Attention Tributes! We know that you had fun at the cornucopia right? Well, since you did so wonderfully, we want to give you a gift. Happy Hunger Games."  Just then, it began raining. We both ran outisde before anyone, and with the waterbottle, filled it up. And ran back inside. We used her matches and a few pieces of paper to start a small fire in the fireplace. There were no windows for anyone to see it. We boiled the water, and each got a good amount to drink. "I guess we'll have to sleep on the floor." she said. I nodded and walked back into the main store room, gathered our things, and walked back into the office, and closed and locked the door. We were still up when they showed the anthems. He said we did a good job, so many people must have died today. I had heard a few canons, but wasn't counting at all.

District One - Male
District Three - Female
District Five - Female
District Six - Male
District Seven - Male
District Eight - Male and Female
District Ten - Male
District Twelve - Male and Female

"That leaves the D1 Girl, D2 Both, D3 Boy, D4 Both, D5 Boy, Myself, D7 Male, D8 Male and Female, D9 Both, D10 Girl, and You and the boy from your District." she said. [i]"Thats 10 dead at the bloodbath, leaving 14 of us alive." I said.


We woke up to the sound of crows. There weren't any pretty birds around here at all. It was draining. Sarah, which I learned in training her name was, already up and about. It looked like she was devising a plan. "Good morning. I think that if we go hunting for food in the woods behind us, we will be fine unless someone attacks us." she said. "Sounds fine with me," I replied. We put on our equiptment and put our empty backpack in a closet, the rope in a drawer. We made our way to the woods behind us, and as we begin to see creatures come out, there was a high pitched sound, which must signal danger. We then heard the cry of a boy and a girl, who were running our direction. I got my shooter ready and Sarah had her gun loaded on hand. Then we heard to canons. We looked at each other and waited for someone else, and the remaining careers appeared. "So you found a friend?" the D4 girl said, who tried to kill me in the bloodbath. I said nothing. "There's five of us, and two of you." the D4 boy said with a smirk. The D4 girl drew back her bow, and as soon as she let it go, Sarah shot at her and it got her in the neck. I ducked and the arrow missed. Then the D4 Boy started running and I blew a dart at him quickly. He fell and started shaking around like his body had been taken over. His mouth began foaming, and choaking. Then he stopped. The D4 girl was on the ground as well. Then the D1 girl ran at us with her sword, and swung. She cut Sarah a little on the face. "Ha." she said. She began laughing menacely and Sarah shot her. When the D2 Tributes came, I shot a dart at the boy, and the Girl came for me. I knew I got him because he had fallen. She had a battle axe. Sarah moved and so did I, her swings were wild, and Sarah just ended up shooting her too. Then we heard five canons. Two outsiders had outsmarted the Careers for the first time. Sarah and I continued hunting, and didn't run into anything else but a few rabbits for lunch. I couldn't believe how fast this was going. Already 9 of us left.

That night, the anthem showed the Careers death and the D8s deaths. I was sure that all the Tributes rejoiced about the Careers dying.

We woke to a thunderstorm. "Attention Tributes! Today, will be the Finale! Because only 5 of you died, there will be consequences. Please make your way to the center of the Arena or forever hold your peace!" We began walking and when we made it to the edge of the center, "Stop." Sarah said. We saw a boy. He was from D3. Then I heard a gunshot, and he was dead. Then a canon fired. The D5 and D7 boys appeared and it seemed they were in an alliance. They had the same things we did. Wait. All of us were on opposite sides. Maybe the Cornucopia was a reflection on the other side? They were laughing. They must've killed that little boy from D3. He only looked about 12. Then we saw five arrows go in their direction and they both fell. Seven of us left. D9 , D10, me and the boy from my District, and Sarah. The boy from my District appeared along with the D10's, facing the D9s. It looked like they were going to battle. The boy from my District killed both of them with a knife, flipping and dodging all their attacks. Then the people from his group turned towards us along with him. Sarah shot three times, but the boy from my District was still standing. Something shot over here at Sarah, we both ducked but it got her. It appeared to be a poison dart. Because he did this, he would die the same way. He smiled and I shot at him ten times, and I'm sure that his death was painful. Sarah layed there shaking. The final canons blew. And then it took me a while to notice but then "Panem, we give you your Victor of the 23rd Annual Hunger Games, Naomi Lexis Love!"

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Vincent C. Ferdinand
Vincent C. Ferdinand

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Love, Naomi L. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Love, Naomi L.   Love, Naomi L. EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 12:08 pm


Hello! Welcome to Safe & Sound! We are happy to say that we love your application, and your character has been accepted! You may now do your Claims, and begin roleplaying! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any staff member of the site.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour,

The Safe & Sound Staff Team
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Love, Naomi L.
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