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Vincent C. Ferdinand
Vincent C. Ferdinand

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PostSubject: Welcome   Welcome EmptyThu Dec 19, 2013 9:10 pm


Safe & Sound is an AU Hunger Games Roleplay, set before the book series' time. This means that Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Effie, Haymitch, Cinna, and all the other book characters do not exist and won't ever exist in our world.


Our goal as a site is to provide a welcoming community for roleplay in Suzanne Collins' wonderful world of The Hunger Games. We would like our members to feel happy here, and not discouraged. This is why we have no word count. Also, we strive to allow each character to shine in their own way, and allow each member to experience different kinds of characters in various scenarios and situations.


Now we know that some sites think that there should be a word count, but we do not. As a developing community, we want our members to grow in their writing, and not to feel that they "Must write 300 words to be gone." That's not how it should be here. However, the quality of your posts is expected to be good. Don't just give us random sentences just because you want more money and posts.


Yes, everyone's excited for the Hunger Games. Us as a staff have decided to have real Hunger Games, and your reapable characters will be placed into a reaping, and will need to claim tesserae. If there is only one reapable male and or female for a District, the tribute male and or female for that District will automatically become a NPC (Non-Player Character). Which is a character (in this case a Tribute), that is used to fill spots in the Hunger Games, and cannot win, and must die before the final two Tributes remain.

Our Hunger Games are further explained here.


Now that you've read this Welcome post, as a new member, you must read the handbook.

Our Handbook is located here.
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